About Us

What Makes Us Different?

At JS Hardscapes in Taunton, MA, we pride ourselves in the fact that we install work that will last. Being certified to install hardscapes means that we are equipped with the education to know hardscape installation inside and out. We are also a Unilock Authorized Contractor.

It’s not only about what the patio, walkway, or staircase looks like on the surface, but what is underneath that really matters. This is a crucial step in the installation process, and is one that will make your project stand the test of time.  All base material used by JS Hardscapes is industry standard and what the governing bodies of hardscape installation (ICPI and NCMA) specify to use, except in special circumstances. These materials are specific to make sure that people are getting work that will last, and not  a project they have to pay to have a repaired a year later.

Our estimation process will pinpoint exactly what the customer wants, and give an exact idea of what the project will look like once installed.  Our 3D imaging software has become a powerful tool on some projects. This gives the customer an exact picture of what they’re project will look like, so there are no surprises at the end.  Once the project idea is finalized, the client is provided with a written estimate, a contract, and a copy of our liability insurance.

Another aspect of JS Hardscapes that is different from a lot of other companies in this industry is that we offer a hardscape maintenance program to make sure the work we install stays looking like new.


JS Hardscapes Certifications:

      images  CERTIFIEDINSTALLER100PX           

Unilock Authorized Contractor

MA H.I.C License# 183216

Some Info on the owner...Jason Stockholm was born and raised in Pennsylvania.   At the age of 13 he started working on the farm down the road.  Every high school summer vacation after that was spent on multiple farms and stone quarries learning work ethic and developing an eye for the handling of natural stone.  After high school, he wanted to pursue his passion for math.  He attended Broome Community College (NY) and Penn State University(PA) where his finished his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He put himself through college working in quarries palletizing fieldstone, colonial wall stone, standup-flagstone, garden path, boulders, step stones, and Bluestone Pattern.   Once he graduated, he decided to move to Massachusetts to start a career.  “As I came up here I noticed all the stone work and stone walls, and many of them were stone that I had quarried and worked with since I was a kid. So I decided to work for a landscape/hardscape company.”  In the next three years he progressed with the company selling and installing hardscapes, first as a project manager, then design and sales, and lastly became the operation’s manager.  In 2009 he opened the company.  He is a working owner and says, “I’m in the office a lot at night. Most of my time during the day is spent on site.”  Having a strong math and logical thinking education allows him to bid, install and manage customers’ jobs to exceed their expectations, satisfaction, and on budget.