Hardscape Maintenance

So, How Does the Process Work?

First, your hardscape is evaluated to ensure whether or not the base is properly installed.  If the base and/or edge restraints are not properly installed, the problem needs to be corrected before moving onto the next step.Once evaluated and/or corrected, if needed, the hardscape is power washed and the joints washed out until completely free of old polymeric sand and debris.  After everything is dry, new polymeric sand is installed, and then left to dry.  Efflorescence/ paver prep cleaner is applied next and rinsed off.  Once dry again, the last step is sealing.  The sealant is sprayed and back rolled to provide even coverage.

Hardscape maintenance isn’t just for old, worn out hardscapes but also for newly installed projects.  It is best to start a hardscape maintenance program early that way you can help prevent staining and wear and tear.

Please call us with any questions, or to schedule a consultation and evaluation.